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“Finding the Melody is a listener's course in Jazz appreciation, designed for people who think that they like Jazz, but want to understand and enjoy it better. In this course, people develop a greater appreciation for and enjoyment of Jazz through directed listening to classic Jazz recordings…and it's fun!

Based on the knowledge gained from his musical studies, and his experience of other Jazz Appreciation courses, course creator and instructor Paul Feldman spent a number of years designing the unique format of “Finding the Melody”, and selecting the classic Jazz recordings that would best illustrate core Jazz concepts to course participants.

“Finding the Melody” is unlike other Jazz Appreciation
courses: it is not a historical survey, though course
participants listen to classic recordings from the
breadth of Jazz's history and come away with a
sense of the historical trends in Jazz. Rather,
this course focuses on showing participants
how to better hear and appreciate the
core elements of Jazz.

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